Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tips for a better eBook reading experience

Readers who are new to eBooks, generally have a hard time getting used to them, and often times give up before they give eBooks a fair chance. There are a number of reasons that readers may be turned off by an eBook at first, but there are many ways to improve your reading experience.

-Adjust your screen brightness

The main problem people seem to have with eBooks, is staring at a bright screen for to many hours, causing headaches and eye soreness. The best way to counter this is to lower your screens brightness setting. Depending on your computer there will be different ways to manage this setting, but it is usually a button near the computer monitor that adjusts the setting. Keeping the brightness to a minimum will greatly increase the time you can spend reading, and the comfortableness of it on your eyes.

-Download a good reader

A good eBook reader is crucial to a more enjoyable reading experience. Free software such as mobipocket provide users with more than just a platform to read eBooks. You can store all your eBooks in the library provide by the program, and display them all, cover by cover, on their bookshelf. Besides providing a place to store all your eBooks, eBook readers provide more options to enhance your reading experience than paper books. Features such as: Font size, how many pages to display at once, full screen mode, turning page with a key press or mouse touch, and customizable background color.

-Taking breaks

Often times we forget that we are supposed to take breaks from the computer while engaged in it. But it is important that you don't forget to step away from the computer every once in a while, even if you are deeply engrossed in your book. Reading on the computer for too long without giving your eyes a chance to rest will bring the same problems that too high of a screen brightness does, headaches and eye soreness.

-Use an iPad or kindle

Using an iPad, kindle, or any other device meant to read eBooks can be much easier than a laptop. They are generally smaller, lighter, and easier to bring with you. No one wants to walk around carrying a heavy laptop, just to take it out in an impromptu place to read a book; but with a kindle or an iPad you can read anywhere on the go. The screen is usually further away as well, and smaller, eliminating some of the more harmful effects of using a laptop.

If you have yet to read an eBook, or have been wronged by them in the past, now's the time to give a try. By following the few simple steps outlined above, you will have a much more enjoyable reading experience.

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  1. Do you have either or? Which would you suggest? I wanna get and iPad but I'm not sure about reading books on an LCD.. Especially on the go in my car..