Monday, August 9, 2010

How to get a lot of views on YouTube

Getting more views on YouTube is a great way to potentially increase the amount of money you can make at home. As long as the content you upload is not copyrighted and is made by you, than you can start turning a profit using these tips to increase your views.

-Use clever key words in your video title. Certain key words are searched more than other, this is known as SEO (search engine optimization). Using SEO for your video titles can greatly increase your views. Instead of labeling your video some nonsensical that people will not be searching very often, try looking on Google for trending topics or most used search words and try and tie it in to your video title someway.

-Make videos relevant to what is currently going on in the media. Staying relevant means people will always be searching what you are talking about, this is a great way to increase your views because if you are always on top of what is currently happening people will subscribe to you for future updates.

-Put out videos on a schedule. Similar to television, make a schedule for your videos and always upload them on the same days. When viewers know that you are consistent with your video uploading it will make them more likely to subscribe to you, which will in turn increase the views of your new videos.

-Hold contests. Contests are a great way to get viewers. Think of the item as an investment, the money you lose giving away something valuable will return tenfold with the amount of viewers/subscribers you gain. The most effective contests for building subscribers or viewers are the contests that require you to comment on the authors video, and you must be subscribed to actually win the item. this means that everyone that comments on your video trying to win what you are giving away is also going to be subscribing to you.

-Tag your videos properly. Similar to using key words in the title of your video, take some of the more popular videos and key words and throw them into your video tags. this will make your video appear in the results when people search those terms.

-Collaborate with someone who has more subscribers than you. If you make creative videos, or you are especially talented at something you can find it easy to gain viewers by collaborating with a more well known youtuber. Just because they are getting more views than you does not mean you can't offer something to a new video of theirs. This works great because then they link back to your channel and all of their subscribers are now aware of your videos.

Once you have enough views on your videos and a big enough subscriber base you should apply for Google AdSense. This will enable revenue sharing on your videos and again increase traffic to the content you produce through YouTube. YouTube is a great way to make money if you can just follow the simple steps outlined above to increase your views.

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