Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to add multimedia to your blog

Many blog owners will feel that they do not have the appropriate skill to add multimedia content to their site. But adding multimedia to your blog is no harder than entering a copy and paste-able HTML code into your site.


Audio, an often overlooked multimedia device, is a great way to add your favorite songs, or even original audio, to your blog. The easiest way to add audio is through a platform such as SoundCloud. SoundCloud is an online platform that allows you to upload any track from your computer and share it. You can add artwork, track descriptions, and even a website to purchase the audio you have uploaded. Once you have saved your changes just click share and you will be given an embedded code to add to your blog.


Many popular video sites openly offer an embedded HTML code for you to copy to your website or blog. Three video websites that offer this are YouTube, Vimeo, and Simply go to one of these sites, find a video that you want to post to your blog, and hit the embedded button displayed near the bottom of the video. Most sites allow you to edit the background and size of the video before the code is created. Mixpod is a tool used to create video play lists for your blog. It allows you to edit many different players, themes, and color palettes. You can rename and reorder the video play list however you like.


Adding individual photos to a blog is usually very simple. However if you want to add a slide-show of photos to your blog, it gets a bit trickier. Adding a slide-show keeps your posts from looking to cluttered with tons of individual pictures, a huge turnoff for readers. You can create slide-shows with a variety of effects from images on your computer by using Slide. You can customize the theme, color, background, size, and even add music. Clicking save will bring up your embed code, which you can post directly to your blog.

Instead of spending money on an expensive coder, just take some time and do it yourself. You will feel more accomplished, and you will save some cash.

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