Sunday, August 8, 2010

Get paid to play online video games

Making money playing games sounds to good to be true right? Well in most cases it is, but there are a couple of websites that legitimately do pay users to play their games. While most of the time you have to end up being very lucky to ever cash out on a gaming website, the chance is still there. So if you are bored and feel like playing some games online, why not do it on a site where there is a chance to earn some real cash?

The first site you can use to make money is Moola. Users must create and account and they are then given 1 penny. One many may not seem like much but its how skilled you are at the games on their site that can turn this penny into cash, up to ten million. That is not a typo either. Using the single penny you are given you must play one of the three games on their site, most of thee games are a mix of chance and skill so its best to not risk all your money on one game once you've built up a decent bankroll. Each game you play is against another user of the moola site competing for the same thing you are, more money. For each game you win you double the amount of money you wagered on the game, similar to gambling but you never risk your own money. The formula is simple, you start with the penny, win a game and move up. You continue to do that until you are satisfied with the amount you have one and request a cash out, or until you bust your bank roll.

There are other ways to make money on Moola as well, including boosters and invite friends through affiliate links. You earn money through boosters by completing offers that Moola gives you, usually involving signing up for a trial of something.

Another site where there is a potential to make money off of gaming is Pogo. This site has a wide variety of games, in tons of categories. Each game gives you a certain amount of tokens for playing them, you get more tokens the better you do in each game. You can play single player puzzle games or you can play board and card games against other players wagering your tokens. Pogo is not as profitable as moola even for a good player, with pogo there are only a couple ways to actually get money. One of those ways is through raffles. They have daily, weekly, and monthly raffles. Think of it like buying a lottery ticket with tokens. You can increase your chances of winning the raffles by purchasing as many raffle tickets as you like, as long as you have enough tokens. The other way to get money is the win the jackpot for whichever game you are playing. To win the jackpot you must do well enough in a game that you earn a wheel spin, the wheel spin must land on jackpot. The most each games jackpot can reach is $4999.99, not bad.

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