Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to use annotations on YouTube

Annotations are a useful tool for an YouTuber. They provide a way for you to add information to a video after you have uploaded it already. Whether you just did not have the time to cover something in a video, or if you simply forgot, annotations can fix these problems quickly. Use annotation within reason, many viewers will feel annoyed and put-off by your video if it is swarmed with text.

To begin using annotations you must:

1. first upload a video.

2. Then you must go to "My Videos" and click "Edit Annotations" next to the video you wish to add annotations to. You will be transferred to the annotations editing page, where you will see your video and an editing window.

3. Here there will be three tools for you to choose from: Add speech bubble, add note, and add spotlight.

Each of these adds something unique to your videos, and should be used in different situations.

-Speech Bubble

A speech bubble will add a bubble to the middle of your screen. You can enter the text you wish to have in the speech bubble either directly in the bubble, or in the editor to the left. You can also use the round handles to change the size and shape of the speech bubble, and by clicking and dragging, you can move it around the screen. There will be a yellow line underneath your YouTube video, this indicates at what point in your video you want the speech bubble to appear, and when you want it to end. You can change the duration by changing the numbers in the editor. Using the editor you can also add a link to your speech bubble, simply paste the link where it tells you to, you may only link to a YouTube page. To finish you must click "Save Draft" followed by "Publish".


The only difference in the note tool is the appearance. Instead of a speech bubble, it is a rectangle. It is edited the same way, and has all of the same options as the speech bubble has.


The spotlight is a little bit different than the other two options. The spotlight will place an empty square in the middle of your screen, you can turn it in to a rectangle, and move it around the screen just like the other tools. You can also drag the text at the bottom of the spotlight wherever you like. The use of the spotlight is to add a click-able link around a specific part of your YouTube video. Adding the link in the spotlight is the same as doing it with the speech bubble, and again it can only link to a YouTube page.

Remember to use these tools in moderation, people are coming to your videos to see you, not to be bombarded by text. Adding some information or a click-able link is fine, but writing out a novel using annotations is not.

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