Monday, August 9, 2010

Best online poker games for profit.

This article is going to be purely about what the best online poker games are for making a profit. The top online poker game to play for money is currently Texas Holdem. The reason for this is because of the popularity of the Texas holdem card games in the media. Another reason is that it is one of the more simple poker games to play, as it only requires two cards pre-flop. Playing Texas holdem is like playing another other poker game in that the table is set up the same, and the blinds and antes still have the same affect. To play Texas holdem you and the rest of the table will be given two cards, these two cards have a relative value but will likely not be good until action has unfolded and the flop comes out. the flop is 3 cards, you must match either of the two cards in your hand to the 3 cards on the flop for your hand to have improved. After the flop of 3 cards, a turn is dealt which 1 card, then there is the river which is the last card. Generally if your hand has not improved by the flop or the turn it is best to throw the cards away and not put more money into the pot, but if your hand has not improved by the river then there is no reason whatsoever to continue with the hand.

Texas holdem is a great game to play because that is where the most "fish" are. Fish are new players who will make bad moves since they are still beginners. The reason many fish play Texas holdem is because it is the easiest game of all the poker variants to learn. It is your job as the "shark" to take all of the little fishes money. You can do this by researching the game and spending time learning to get better, it is very easy to get ahead of the competition at lower level limits because most of these players are just playing for fun and don't care about turning a profit. After learning the fundamentals of holdem it may be wise to venture out and try other forms of poker, but it is not necessary. many of the top pros are holdem exclusive, because that is what the majority of the big money tournaments are held in. The best secondary poker game to learn if you are going to go down that route is Omaha or any Omaha variant such as Hi/Lo. Omaha is the second most popular poker game, but be warned it is quite a lot more complicated than Texas holdem.

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