Sunday, August 8, 2010

How to stop having lucid dreams

For some lucid dreaming is an amazing unforgettable experience that they wish to continue having. For others though lucid dreaming might be frightening, and can be far from fun. Lucid dreaming can be scary for those who are not ready to have one, luckily there are a few ways to avoid lucid dreaming.

-Get a full night sleep. Research shows that lucid dreaming happens most often after a person wakes up and falls back asleep. This is because falling asleep after waking up puts you right back in to R.E.M. sleep, the stage of sleep where you dream.

-Avoid caffeinated drinks before bed. This one should be fairly obvious, but to decrease your chances of waking up to early you should stay away from caffeinated drinks. Caffeinated drinks also have been shown to increase your chance of experiencing lucidity in your dreams.

-Watch TV before bed. Watching TV before bed decreases the clarity of dreams, lowering the chances of becoming lucid.

-Don't focus on lucid dreaming. People who think about lucid dreaming often times have a higher chance of having it happen to them. If you wish to stop lucid dreaming one of the best things you can do is ignore the idea of it, do not try and pressure yourself to stop having lucid dreams as that will only increase the chances of you becoming lucid.

There are not many ways to avoid lucid dreaming, but becoming lucid in general is very rare, unless you are deliberately attempting to become lucid. Thankfully it is very easy to wake up from a lucid dream, or to fall right back into normal sleep, so if you are afraid of lucid dreaming you don't have to stay in one for longer than you'd like to. Some tips to help you wake from a lucid dream:

-When you become aware that you are dreaming immediately over-excite yourself, this should wake you up almost instantly. Many people who want to lucid dream have trouble staying in them because of how fragile the dream state is, simply getting worked up about it tends to do the job.

-Roll your eyes. When dreaming your body is in sleep paralysis, meaning that you are unable to move. Your body does this to prevent sleep walking. Your eyes are not paralyzed during dreaming though so attempting roll them should wake you instantly.

-Allow yourself to fall back asleep into the dream. Let your subconscious take over the dream again by not concentrating on the fact that you are lucid, your brain should take over for you and you should go back into the dream you were just having without being lucid.

Overall the thought of becoming lucid in a dream should not scare you, they are very easy to wake up from, and can be quite fun. But if you still wish to avoid them just follow the tips here and you should not experience any lucid dreaming.

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