Sunday, August 29, 2010

How to add songs to your blog

Blog writers often wonder what they can do to increase the appeal of their blog. With so many blog sites out their, yours needs to be unique and interested. Audio is an often overlooked multimedia device, is a great way to add your favorite songs, or even original audio, to your blog. The easiest way to add audio is through a platform, this makes it much easier for the new user to add audio content to their site.


SoundCloud is an online platform that allows you to upload any track from your computer and share it. You can add artwork, track descriptions, and even a website to purchase the audio you have uploaded. Once you have saved your changes just click share and you will be given an embed code to add to your blog.


Deezer is a free music streaming service based in France, and offers many options for people looking to add music to their blog. You can add playlists easily to your blog just by hitting the "blog" button, and then pasting the embed code into your site. You can also upload your own songs if you wish.


Dewplayer is completely free, open source, mp3 flash player. There is a simple HTML code generator with many options to edit and play with, such as: background color, volume, optional autostart, optional loop, time display, and shuffle. You can again, post single songs, or create an entire playlist for your site. Even with the free version of Dewplayer, there is no limit to how much music you can use.

There are many ways to implement songs on to your blog. You can for example, have lighter music streaming constantly in the background to provide a relaxed atmosphere. Or you can put individual songs on different posts throughout your blog, depending on if its appropriate for the post at hand. A good post to put it on would be a blog post about a specific band, or album that you just listened to, or are reviewing.

As long as you don't overdo it, adding music to your blog can really create a unique experience for your visitors. But keep in mind, your visitors don't want to be bombarded with music on every page they try and view. They also don't want to be surprised by the music, so keep autoplay checked off. You will end up losing more visitors than gaining if they feel like they have to mute their computer every time they view your site just to stay sane.

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  1. cool, im going to check out soundcloud right now acutally, gonna embed some nice music on my blog~~