Sunday, August 8, 2010

Best Xbox Games of All Time

The Xbox has been home to many great games, starting off multiple successful gaming franchises that still carry over to the Xbox 360. While there are to many great games from the Xbox to list them all, this will be a simple and short list of the top 3 Xbox games.

1. Halo 2(2004)

-Halo 2 took everything the first game had to offer and blew it out of the water. There are more weapons, more levels, and a great online experience. Halo 2's single player campaign is great, and offers a memorable FPS experience, but its the online multi-player where this game really stands out. With a variety of maps, and a load of different game options it provided countless hours of online fun, You could invite friends to come join your lobby so you could queue together into a match, or you could player by yourself against strangers across the globe. It never took long to find a game, and depending on the outcome it would increase your rank in that category. There were 50 levels to gain in each game mode, always giving you something to aim for.

2. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow(2004)

-Taking after Konami's "Metal gear solid" franchise, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell provides an exciting and adventurous stealth espionage experience. This game is not you typical shooter, instead of running and gunning down hallways you must crouch and sneak around, being careful not to alert guards. The choice is yours to open fire on anyone you see, but if you decide to go down that path you will likely not finish the mission you were sent in to do. This game is so great because it really provided a unique play style that hadn't been seen in to many other games before. Levels usually had multiple ways to be completed, and the game is rife with secondary objectives to complete in each mission. Pandora Tomorrow also added a very fun multi-player mode to its second installment, one of the only things missing in the first game.

3. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic(2003)

-This game takes the entire star wars experience and allows you to experience it how you like. Your choices effect the game world, and your own character. Helping others, and choosing friendly text when talking to others will put your character on the good side of the force, and doing the opposite will align you with the siths. Not only do your actions decide how your character evolves, but the story as well. The game can have completely different situations and endings depending on the choices you made throughout your characters journey. The combat system in KOTOR is far from intuitive but it is still engaging and is made up for by the story and character development. There are at least a good hundred hours of game play, and even more than that in replay value. No RPG fan should be disappointed in this game, it stays true to typical RPG game play and story unfolding, but gives you the ability to control your own progression path in ways that other games do not. And yes, there are light sabers.

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