Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to use Google Earth with an Apple iPad

Using Google Earth on an iPad is a bit different then using it online. They are they same program, but using the iPad to navigate the application may be more confusing for new users. Before downloading the application there are a few requirements have to meet:

1. At least 211 MB of free space

2. A WiFi connection.

This application mainly requires simple finger movements to use. There are a few options you can use while navigating the 3D globe:

-Zoom In

Either double tap the screen with one finger, or move two fingers simultaneously apart.

-Zoom out

Either double tap the screen with two fingers, or move two fingers simultaneously together in a pinching movement.


Put two fingers on the screen and turn in the direction you wish to rotate


Put one finger on the screen and move it in the appropriate direction, or flick the screen quickly.

-Look around

Put two fingers on the screen and move them anywhere.


Put two fingers on the screen and move them down at the same time. You can also enable auto-tilt, which will match the angle of the earth to the angle of your iPad.

-Go to your location

You can have Google Earth follow your location by touching the cross-hair icon. The better your WiFi connection, the more accurate the GPS will be.

-Displaying coordinates

Toggling the position option in the options menu will enable coordinates to show at the bottom of the main view. You can toggle between feet and meters when displaying altitude as well.

-Searching for places

Enter the place your are looking for, if multiple results come up, click the correct one and you will fly to that location. You can see a list of all the matches by hitting the list icon.

-Clear search results

To clear search results hit "Clear History" in the option window.

-Displaying content

There are many display options, including: terrain, places of interest, businesses, and Wikipedia. You can enable and disable specific content under the "Layers" window. Content will appear as icons in the main view, touch the icon for more info about it. Enabling terrain allows you to view mountains, and hills in 3D.

Using the iPad to browse Google Earth may take a little getting used to, but the basic layout is the same. How to navigate the client itself is the only difference, but is similar to other apps in that you have to use your fingers as tools to use the program.

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