Friday, August 13, 2010

Comparing Miley Cyrus and Talor Swift

Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift are both teenage solo artists in the music industry. They both have a similar style of music, while Miley's is more of pop with a mix of country, Taylor swift keeps it straight country for the most part, with a few pop songs in the mix. Miley's fame is directly attributed to the Disney channel, where she first became popular off of the show Hannah Montana, a show about a teenage pop-star that leads a double life. This gave Miley Cyrus an a huge platform to start her solo music career off of.

Taylor Swift however has no affiliation with Disney, and had to work much harder to get her musical career started than Miley Cyrus did. Taylor Swift has been signed and dropped before recording her first single "Tim McGraw". She then released her self titled album on which 'Should've said no' was a big success.

Miley Cyrus's music is generally geared more towards younger kids and tween audiences. This is largely due to the fact that Miley's career started on the Disney, and her first few albums were under the pseudonym Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus's music is also not as relate-able to many many people as Taylor Swift's music. This is because Miley's first albums mainly focused on her leading a double life as the Hannah Montana character, something that not many teenagers can relate to.

Taylor Swift's music however has a much larger audience, if not in numbers than in age groups. The main reason for this is Taylor Swift's song content matter. Many of Taylor Swift's songs focus on topics that teenage girls go through in their everyday life, such as being overlooked as "just a friend" to the guy they like. Many college girls who buy Swift's Cd's say it is because of just that, they can relate to the songs.

Miley is working on leaving her Disney past behind quite clearly, her music is becoming more focused on adult subject matter. Even her stage performance are becoming increasingly adult, and possibly even too adult. In an effort to leave behind her Disney days she is becoming increasingly like pop-stars before her. Miley is showing many of the same qualities that Britney showed when she was transitioning in to adulthood, with songs like "Can't be tamed" where she is clearly trying to break free from the mold that was created for her.

While Miley and Taylor have a lot in common, it is clear that they are two separate artists with two separate styles of music, and different demographics. Taylor Swift has a strong foot in the country music industry, but Miley Cyrus's ability to leave behind her Disney days will ultimately decide if she will remain a force in the pop music industry.

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