Sunday, August 8, 2010

Common myths surrounding masturbation

One of the reasons there are so many myths surrounding masturbation is because of the taboo nature of it. It is hard to get correct information regarding masturbation because people are generally to embarrassed to talk about it. The general myths surround masturbation range from the hilariously absurd, to completely reasonable. Knowing whats true and whats not may sometimes take further research. Some of the more ridiculous myths are:

-You will grow hair on the palm of your hands. Another variation of this one is that masturbation causes loss of eyesight. These are the more prominent masturbation myths, but they are not taken seriously by many. This myth is usually used to scare kids that are just coming to age out of masturbating.

-Another insane myth floating around is that masturbating causes STD’s. Anyone who knows the very basics of STD’s will know that this is impossible. STD’s have to be transmitted between at least two people, its right there in the name.

-Only people who don't have sex masturbate. Research actually shows that people who are in relationships masturbate more frequently then then those who aren't. masturbation can be used as practice, or as a tool to increase stamina for when you are in bed with your partner.

Then there are the less inane myths floating around that may actually seem legitimate at first.

-Masturbation is unhealthy. Quite the contrary, masturbation does wonders for the body. It releases stress and tension, and can help some people fall asleep. One study has even found that frequent ejaculation can reduce a mans chance at getting prostate cancer.

-It is less okay for girls to masturbate than guys. While this one may sound true, that is only because you have become conditioned to thinking it is more inappropriate for girls to touch themselves then for guys to do the same. Society has always been more comfortable with men expressing their sexuality and making women feel wrong for doing so.

-A child masturbating means that he has been exposed to inappropriate information that is not right for his age. Masturbation alone is not an indicator of this, from when we are very young we explore our bodies and learn what feels good and what does not. Often times masturbation is discovered by yourself and not from outside influences.

-Teenagers who masturbate often will have a decreased chance in having children. This one, while it sounds reasonable enough , is just not true. Masturbation has not been linked in any way to a decrease in sperm or the ability to copulate with a female.

Many of the stigmas surrounding masturbation are just due to misinformation, if more people researched the subject there would be less confusion and myths wouldn't be so abundant.

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